The Bar None Referral List

The Bar None Referral List (currently at Version 3.0 alpha) is a list of colleagues associated with Bar None and their practice areas, handy if you are looking for someone to refer a case or client to. I have also added in some sponsors of the show. Please let me know any corrections and/or additions which may need to be made by downloading the Bar None Referral Information Sheet (NOTE: you have to download it to your local machine. It's a PDF file, and form submission doesn't work in a Web browser, only in Acrobat) and sending it to me via the link on the document: I will update the referral list at least annually. Here is the download link:

Bar None Referral List

Or, you can just send me the information at mike ("at" symbol) Also, please let me know any suggestions for improvement!

For Bar None Skit and Song Writers

Here's the list of stuff we've already done: Songs & Skits from Bar None X to XXXV

Bar None Videos

The following table contains Matroska video (encoded with H.264 algorithm) versions of all the Bar None shows. The early ones were recorded on VHS tape, which I digitized and converted to DVDs. The later DVDs were ripped directly from the discs. The reason for this is that I've been in quite a number of these shows, and it occurred to me that my children (and, someday, perhaps grandchildren) might like to see some of it, and that it would be handy to have clips of the skits and songs I appeared in. So, besides having the full shows in a format easy to watch on a computer, you can have separate copies of only the stuff you have appeared in. Right-click and choose Save Link to save one of the following files to your own hard drive:

Bar None Videos

Some clips have been uploaded for temporary use to this page: Temporary Uploads.

These are pretty large files, so will take a while to download. NOTE: I have heard that some people are having trouble playing these with Windows Media Player. That is because it does not support some of the newer, more efficient codecs (like Matroska). Download and install VLC media player instead: it is far better, and will play these and other videos much better than the default player that comes with Windows. VLC is free, and can be obtained here:

(Personally, I also use and am fond of Media Player Classic, , but that project stalled in mid-2017.)

For you do-it-yourselfers, if you have a Bar None DVD, it is pretty easy to make your own video file from it: to do this, you can use a number of different utilities. I like to use open source software, which also has the advantage of being free. To transfer DVD files into a single computer video file,  I recommend  Handbrake, which can be obtained here:

For saving clips from video files, I like to use AVIDemux, which can be downloaded from here:

In AVIDemux, just set Audio and Video to "copy" and save all the clips you want.

If you want to show your appreciation for these being made available, please contribute to Bar None!